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I saw his work at a show in Canada some time ago and predicted great things for him - a luminescent star indeed.

rich lemont

I saw the potrait of the Queen which is incredible and was good to see technology used in such a way that had soul. I do infact have laserpod and its rtue this guy is out there and uses light as a kind of magic - which maybe it is.

Terry Deepdale

Nice portrait of the Queen.......... shit laserpod! He should stick to portraits. Let the creative stuff to those with light and soul!
He obsviously knows a few contacts/dealers. Massive Attack.... the name says it all.... Spliff City.... I bet he likes Es

B Blicq

Please see http://www.portraits.co.uk/Queen_Elizabeth_II.pdf for a true account of who created the holographic portrait of the Queen. It was in fact a joint collaberation between Levine and portrait holographer Rob Munday who was instrumental in the project. Munday however has seldom been credited by Levine who seemingly seeks all the glory.

D Boden, Utrecht

Got a laserpod last xmas now I got 3 what more can I say?! Spaciest light ever made!! But a 3D Potrait of the Queen? mmm..No thanks Maam. She looks scary.

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