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Designer Lighting

Good stuff- I'd get one but I'm sure it's far, far out of my price range. Also, I hope there's a way to turn it off, it might get annoying.

Then there's always the oddity of having to plug in your couch...

Hi Tek Craig

I'd like to see how this thing lights up depending on what movie we are watching. I bet it would be different if it was the movie 300 compared to the Notebook.


Could be quite tricky if you have friends over too. I should imagine it would be quite illuminating!

John Rheese

Very cool.

car wallpaper

Very cool setup

air bed sofas

This is a really interesting sofa. I wonder if we'll see this type of lighting placed on other furniture (such as seats or beds, lol!) :D

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There are a number of light remotes now that could make this invention that much cooler. You could have different LED's and EL Wire to react to your moods while you are watching TV as well. If you wanted a Teal Blue Theme for watching TRON or a light pink for watching a chick flick, it's all with the push of a button.

Switches and Sockets

This sofa is like some sort of lie detector. Middle aged couple sitting on sofa surrounded by cold blue lights living a lie. It could be more like the sort of thing that young couples could use as a mood detector.


so so cool


This is really a lot of fun. It's really easy to think of lighting as just being from "lighting fixtures", but this couch would add some fun sparkle and a bit of amusement to your overall design

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